Imagine a new age of agriculture, where data transforms everything

We empower everyone with seamless access to vital services and information. Join us as we revolutionize farming with the power of data.

WHY Kiaan Agrow

We are on a dedicated mission to expand the reach and accessibility of data-driven agriculture for growers, enterprises, and financial institutions.

  • Enabling Financial Inclusion and Accessibility.
  • Enhancing Farm Productivity with Data-driven Insights.
  • Optimizing Resource Management for Sustainable Returns.

For centuries, agriculture has operated on traditional practices, lacking data and scientific efficiency. 

Kiaan Agrotech uses data and analytics to revolutionize farming at every stage, integrating advanced technologies to enhance crop monitoring, automate farm management, and optimize resource usage.

Our PROPRIETARY Farm management software

Where data science meets nature's intelligence
Our proprietary data models developed over 8 years of R&D by our in-house scientists then turn this raw data into actionable insights.
We're empowering our customers and stakeholders by developing the world's largest and most accurate agriculture dataset within the Kiaan Agrowtech offering.
Smart irrigation

Kiaan’s smart irrigation optimizes water usage using AI and IoT for efficient and sustainable farming.

IoT sensors

Kiaan’s IoT sensors monitor crops and environmental conditions, providing real-time data for smart farming decisions.

Ai based disease management

Our disease management detects and prevents crop diseases early, ensuring healthy plants and higher yields.

Reimagine what's possible with our data in agriculture

Benefits of Kiaan Agrow

Benefit from Kiaan with increased yields, reduced costs, and improved environmental sustainability.

Access farm health insights through our farm management software's Phygital Network powered by Kiaan.


Grow your crops with precision using Kiaan's advanced


Leverage AI-powered recommendations and expert advice for informed decision-making.


How can Kiaan empower organizations to transform practises by converting vast agricultural data into actionable insights?

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